Our campus huddles are like small group bible studies, but are centered on peer to peer growth through relationship and mentorship. Our huddles are generally smaller in size (3-7 people) to ensure that no one gets lost in the crowd and each person has a voice that is heard and valued.

Weekly Huddle Schedule

Group 1 – 6:00 pm EST – Leader: Sarah Duiella
Group 2 – 6:00 pm EST – Leader: Jason Duiella

Group 3 – 9:00 am EST – Leader: Jennifer Weston
Group 4 – 7:00 pm EST – Leader: Jennifer Weston

Group 5 – 8:00 am EST – Leader: Jeff Weston

Group 6 – 7:00 pm EST – Leader: Jennifer Weston

If you would like to get involved in one of our campus huddles, please contact us at GetConnected@thenet.link